It’s obvious that it’s retouching. I sometimes get similar facial effects through the use of make-up. No one is perfect!
I don’t like when models are retouched, because so many people are exposed to the photos and strive to reach an ideal that does not exist. If you choose to retouch personal photos, that’s fine, but as soon as many people are exposed to them it can become dangerous.
Although I chose most of the retouched photos as more visually appealing than those that were not, I still feel that retouching photos negatively affect individuals’ self-esteem and make people look up to an untouchable ideal of beauty.
Really shows how perceptions of beauty, including mine, are affected by retouching.
impossible to achieve bodies are shown as perfect… how am i supposed to achieve that??? i feel uglier….
I always question what I see in the media!
Obviously most people will find the retouched photos more attractive; I also think that most people are aware that photos in magazines are retouched. It doesn’t affect my self esteem because I know if I has a makeup artist and and someone retouching my picture, I could probably look like that too. But I’d rather look real. :) Personally, that’s why on some of the photos I actually chose the picture that I knew wasn’t retouched…I actually found some of the untouched pictures to be more interesting, especially the ones of faces only, because they looked like real people, complete with minor flaws and freckles. I like thinking of them as an actual person and the personality behind their images.
i feel that re-touching models definitely will encourage problems with self esteem in persons that see them. However there are not many routes to take that will keep the media from publishing these images… What sells, sells. The only option we have is to try and keep these media-influenced ideals out of our homes. I do not have any TV channels. (Only have the TV for dvd watching). And to also keep media out of the house via tabloid mags and really any widely read magazines out of the house. All hail “Adbusters!!!”
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I think it makes people assume that a lot of other people out there walk around looking perfect when really it’s all photoshop. Almost anyone can look awesome with enough technical magic.
I’m so used to seeing retouched photos I wasn’t really shocked by the photos except maybe one. That being said I think if images in magazines more of art instead of real life. Almost every girl has played “photoshoot” with her girlfriend. I mean even a non professional can look good when you take over 100 pics, slap on tons of make up, and take the photo from just the right angle with just the right light. Its that old joke,”oh that’s a classic my space profile pic”. What that means is its not real.